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Behind the scenes, a very different story was unfolding. With public confidence in the war on terrorism waning, the White House was plotting to get back in the game. Beginning in late April, a small working group — led by Card, budget director Mitchell Daniels and Homeland Security czar Tom Ridge — met secretly to design a plan for a new homeland-security system. Hyped as the most sweeping overhaul of the Federal Government in more than 50 years, the proposal put before Bush was drafted in just over a month. An official describes the clandestine enterprise as “sort of like the Manhattan Project,” and paranoia about leaks ran so high that meetings were moved to the secure bunker beneath the White House where senior officials had taken cover on Sept. 11. Bush intended to roll out the plan in July, but disclosures about FBI and CIA lapses ratcheted up the pressure to go public now. Says a White House official: “Was the attitude sooner rather than later, more rather than less? Yes.”